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Employee Schedule Management Software

Get a time-efficient solution for making a consistent, hassle-free schedule by 85% through mechanized, prescient-based technology of scheduling. By utilizing custom formats and rules, explicit to your exceptional case of scheduling, eSchedule4U determining and computerization abilities make sure the production of the canniest, and information-driven timetable without fail, and most importantly with no such exertion.


Mobile Apps

With this stunning mobile app of this software, one can deal with the schedule from any area at all.
Basically, one can make, duplicate, distribute plans, or manage shifts swap. Along with that making, replacements is likewise possible from any mobile phone with eSchedule4U applications.

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Events 2 2 Unlimited
Funnels 1 1 Unlimited
Heatmaps 3 Unlimited Unlimited
Sessions/month 1,500
Data history 1 month
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Several businesses rely on good planning and schedule for progress

This software is an absolute solution of scheduling for all companies around to pave strong paths for their way to evolution.








New users

Reduce wage cost

This software is meant to provide all sorts of solutions. In this percept, it greatly reduces the wage cost as it helps to pay according to the pay rate in a payroll provider.

Manage stress and time

While utilizing this software, who needs to be stressed or consume so much time. It allows making schedules without the least effort because scheduling is only a click away now.

Simplify legal compliance

eSchedule4U software helps in managing compliance as per the government, specific guidelines, and native laws. It paves the way for employee authentication and all other payment requirements.

Schedule by skillset

What makes this software an excellent one, is its ability to make schedules as per the skills and capabilities of employees. Thus one can easily tackle and complete the assigned duty, no matter it is technical or non-technical work.

Cover leave and unavailability

Another important aspect of this software is its ability to cover leave or unavailability of any employee before time. This helps to cope with mismanagement and work requirements. Thus the duties remain as smooth as ever.

Monitor break and attendance

eSchedule4U also works superbly in scrutinizing the attendance or breaks in assigned duties of workers. It never leaves a chance of any off chance mishap. A notification pops up whenever employee leaves, takes a break, or moves out of the area.

Customer reviews

All our customers trust the level and sort of services that we provide them to ensure better performance of employees.

This software has greatly helped me in scheduling my employees conveniently and professionally. Now I can remotely check if any of my workers is on leave or taking break. As a matter of fact, I am quite relieved with this bundle of comfort as it does not have any hard and fast rule and works so efficiently….

Dr Mazhar Hussain

Walk In Urgent Care, OH

I used to be so conscious and tense about assigning duties and keeping check on my employees. But eSchedule4U made it so simple for me, although I was not sure when my friend suggested it to me. But I’m definitely surprised about it so stress-free use and most importantly my employees can have an easy access to all my updates on it…..

Qaisar Abbas

Call In Urgent Care, OH

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Employee management software that reduces time and human effort:

  • Easy, faultless schedules

    Make schedule easily, readily, and effortlessly and also stay notified with the availability or unavailability of staff through the web or mobile app.

  • Real-time attendance

    This software makes real-time attendance by reporting each and every action of an employee, if he is on duty, going to be late, or on leave. Thus it creates solutions with clicks only.

  • A connected team

    This software keeps all the staff members connected which means all the members can get access to the news feed or any recently uploaded file by the manager and can act upon it easily.


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It is so simple and easy to create, or copy. One can also manage to swap the shifts and make replacements whenever required from any available device.

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Most common questions

Here we have some frequently asked questions which trigger people’s concern for this software.

Auto-Scheduling is basically an incredible chunk of our scheduling application that empowers supervisors to make their optimal staff program using clicks only.
Scheduling software simplifies staff scheduling, it also tracks the duration of employees, manages shift-swaps, accommodates timesheets, and removes communication gaps to collaborate with the team members anytime. This very ability of scheduling software prevents time burglary, enhances the level of staffing with live information, and helps in adjusting work necessities with sales forecasts to decrease the bills.
Confirming a shift is only an optional way to publish the shift schedule. When a shift is published with the required confirmation, the duty employee is sent an email or text to accept or reject the shift. And one can also ensure a suitable schedule for itself.
Yes definitely! eSchedule4U has outstanding break scheduling features to easily schedule, manage, and track the number of employee breaks and its types in a single shift. This includes an unpaid mealtime break and paid relaxation breaks.